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【Australia】 National Gasshuku and competition (March 1-2-3-4, 2018) with T. IMURA SHIHAN.

【Australia】 National Gasshuku and competition (March 1-2-3-4, 2018) with T. IMURA SHIHAN.

【Australia】 National Gasshuku and competition (March 1-2-3-4, 2018) with T. IMURA SHIHAN.

Japan Karate Association Karate-Do Australia

National Gasshuku and competition March 1-2-3-4, 2018

Special guest VIP JKAHQ Instructor T. IMURA SHIHAN


A fantastic week of training and National JKA KDA competition was held at the city of Mandurah Western Australia. 4 states were well represented for this annual event, Gold Coast, South Australia, Victoria and WA. 125 competitor’s judges and officials crowded into Jim Wood custom built private Dojo for training and all examinations with the legendary T. Imura Shihan.

Master T. Imura arrived on Tuesday late evening for a relaxing sightseeing day on Wednesday in our sunny and beautiful City of Mandurah WA. 1hr by car south of PERTH WA.


Wood Dojo was packed with a ticket only admission for the first training session with Imura Shihan. Two individual sessions for the Kyu and Dan grades were detailed basic techniques from the master. As most of my fellow world-wide JKA students know and appreciate, Shihan Imura just has this unique presence when teaching, and really targeted all our many technique faults, Kime, posture, balance etc.
The Dan class packed with excited Karate-Ka of all levels and ages just wondering in great anticipation what we were in for! Memories of old school Enoeda Shihan RIP came through my mind with his very similar approach and very serious but gentle manner. Thank goodness for air conditioning!


A 1pm start involved Imura Shihan’s well-attended detailed Judge seminar for the accreditation examinees.
A successful C. Licence examination followed with impressive results.
The training times were the same as Thursday but the content was of a higher level with all Kata in preparation for the championship the next day. Shihan’s Kata detail and Bunkai explanations were awesome,
I asked the master to teach Jitte by this champion “Jitte icon” he obliged. WOW! Doesn’t get much better, a full 1.5 hrs of aching shoulders and stances and detailed timing and accuracy.


Combined basic training for over 120 students at the sports centre followed by the KYU and Dan grade championship. Due to time restraints the KYU competition ran straight through and the Dan grade went to the last few finalists for Sunday. Fantastic competition with many Gold being won by every state. Saturday evening party at our local Chinese was jam packed with over 100 students /families for Shahan’s VIP attendance.


At 11am the VIPs gathered for a private welcome reception for 40 people. Special guests were the Japan Consul General and his wife, The mayor of Mandurah City, Indigenous leader, sports council director and all staff. 12pm was the march in of all 120 competitors and staff to Taeko drumming music. Introductions followed with T. Imura Shihan and all VIP guests.

The competition oath followed with the National anthems of Japan and Australia. Shihan Imura and guests were presented with a beautiful wine decanter. The competition was fierce and went without significant injury. A huge thanks to Imura Shihan for his advice and overseeing the competition which finished within the time limit.


SUNDAY evening
as you would expect, was a mega late night Sayonara party success where the theme was SAKURA which was the emblem of Imura Shihan’s university with all JKA KDA instructors and officials 60 guest’s hot meal buffet and bar, supported with two beautiful lady personal assistants dressed in traditional Japan attire. Imura Shihan was very happy and sang his university Sakura song, his friendly manner, humour and fun shone throughout the whole evening, it was very sad for the week all to come to an end.

We at JKAKDA were privileged with master Imura Shihan’s visit to my Dojo and have special memories of this JKA word wide Karate icon and wish him good health and to return to Mandurah again in the future.

For more updates please take time to visit Wood Dojo Facebook for the photos of this special week of fun.


Jim Wood MBE
Chief Instructor JKA KDA


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