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【GERMANY】JKA Gasshuku with Honbu Instructor Igarashi Sensei in Berlin Germany

It has been the great priviledge of JKA Shokukai Germany to welcome JKA Honbu instructor Igarashi Sensei for a two-day Gasshuku in Berlin from October 08 to 09, 2022.

Hosted by Shotokan Kyokai Berlin, 200 participants from all over Germany and Poland made their way to the German capital to practice under the guidance of Igarashi Sensei during his first Seminar in Europe.


【POLAND】Report from JKA Poland – Seminar with Izumiya Sensei and Shimizu Sensei

From 30.09.2022 (Friday) to 02.10.2022 (Sunday) JKA Poland had the honur to have Izumiya Sensei and Shimizu Sensei as our guests, who held a seminar that took place in Tarnowo Podgorne near Poznan in western Poland and gathered 150 participants from all around Europe.


【SWITZERLAND】Sensei Sugimura Memorial Gasshuku in Bern, Switzerland, 4-7th August 2022

It is a pleasure to report to you about our summer Gasshuku “Sensei Sugimura Memorial Gasshuku” and Dan exams. Finally, it was possible to organize a Gasshuku without any COVID restrictions, the joy was great for all.

We greatly appreciated the two guest instructors from the JKA Headquarters Ogura Shihan and Kurihara Sensei,



The 2022 AKJKAQ Summer Camp was held at ETS in Montreal from June 22nd to June 26th. We had the great honor to have Imura Sensei, 8th Dan as our guest Instructor. Thank you very much to the JKA HQ for dispatching one of the most senior Instructor at Honbu Dojo and to Imura Sensei for accepting the challenge of travelling in these time where travelling conditions are more difficult.


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